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 TestTalker is a software solution to help individuals be more successful with test taking, worksheet completion, and with study materials. It can also help people complete forms electronically. TestTalker provides a computerized version of a test, worksheet, or other form that can talk. TestTalker uses the same bimodal approach-simultaneously highlighting words as they are spoken aloud-that is used in WYNN, the Learning Systems Group's other product.
TestTalker maintains the integrity of the written test by not modifying the test. TestTalker is an accommodation tool that provides a bimodal presentation of the unmodified written information.
TestTalker has two modules: the Teacher Edition, a test-creating module designed for teachers; and the Student Edition, a test-taking module. The Teacher Edition scans pre-printed tests and allows teachers to configure them so students can complete the tests electronically. The Student Edition reads the test aloud and allows students to answer the questions. Teachers and students can print the blank or completed tests if they wish.
TestTalker supports True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in, and Extended Answer tests. The product includes a PDF (Adobe® Portable Document Format) converter

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