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Visually impaired UPSC rank holder Sparsh Gupta wants to change the system for disabled people

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 10:32 -- geeta.nair

The phone hasn't stopped ringing for Sparsh Gupta. Congratulations are pouring in for this 28-year-old who has cracked the Civil Services Examination 2018 with a rank of 562, some of them including people who had
written off his future prospects when he lost his vision completely in 2016.

It's a sweet moment for Sparsh and his family, who have stood by him rock solid from birth.

"I had cataracts at birth and got operated on my eyes at the age of four months", says Sparsh. "I could see with lenses and glasses after that, but at the age of 10, I developed glaucoma and lost vision in my left eye. My
right eye vision deteriorated as well and in 2016, I lost total sight".

Those were hard times because, as Sparsh points out, adjusting to life as a late blind person is not easy. "When you are used to something from the beginning it's easy, making adjustments later on is hard".

Not that Sparsh ever let disability come in the way of excellence. He was the All India topper in Special Category in his Class 12 board exams and went on to study law at the prestigious National Law School of India
University in Bengaluru.
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