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VP Columbia High Speed Braille Embosser

High Speed Braille embosser has been launched by View Plus, USA and is now available in India.
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VP Columbia High Speed Braille Embosser
· Print Speed: 100 CPS OR 300 pages per hour
· Includes Braille Translation & Graphics software.
· Comes with a separate Hindi Braille translation software so no need to procure an extra Braille translator.
· Printing Mode: Single or Double sided
· Has 13 hammers; 6 positive and 7 negative.
· It is not only a Braille embosser but a high resolution graphics embosser as well.
· Braille Dot Heights: Can be adjusted as per the GSM of paper
· Tactile Graphic Dot Heights: 7 steps for colour representation
You can see it's working at the link given below:
The price of the embosser is Rs. 2,41,000/-.
Rs. 2,41,000/-.
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Sparsh Products
119 Bhagirathi Puram, Opp. Lane no. 8,
Jakhan, Rajpur Road,
Dehradun 248001, India
Mobile: 91-9837088334

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ViewPlus Technologies Inc.


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Sparsh Products

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