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What Good Are We? - Guest column by Arun Dua

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 12:32 -- geeta.nair

Our guest writer this week is Arun Dua from Chandigarh. Dua works with the
NGO Disha, which produces audio books for visually impaired people and
offers advocacy, counselling, empowerment and support for assistive

We are ashamed to ask for help. We do not accept assistance, from young or
old, boy or a girl, mother of father or even anyone on the street. We want
to be understood, without asking for it. Empathy? Yes, we don't want
sympathy, pity or charity. Yet, we want to be treated as equals. After all,
we are also Human Beings! 

People wonder what has been our sin for this punishment. We tend to use it
as God's gift - a qualification, meriting us special treatment and favors.
But It should not be termed as pity or compassion. After all, it is our
right and we are destined to stand out from the crowd. Although some sighted
people like to slink away for fear of lending a helping hand. Or telling you
their name. Others find you useless and your company only, an embarrassment.
You accept it all because you have been indoctrinated that way since your
schooling in a special school for the blind....
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