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World Disability Day: ‘Don’t feel disabled but at times people make me feel so’

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 11:59 -- geeta.nair

Asma Ali is happy. It has been two-and-a-half-year since she joined the Chandigarh’s Sector 7, Madhya Marg branch of the state Bank of India.

Having braved the challenges imposed for being 100% visually impaired from birth, she says she is satisfied that today she is self-dependent.

Everyday she attends customers at the front desk of her branch and patiently guides them. She handles the entries in the passbooks and issues token to the customers. “I feel very confident and independent by working here at the bank,” she says.

Customers at the bank also appear to be satisfied with her work. Virender Singh, a regular customer, said she works very efficiently and people need to be more cooperative with her.

When asked about her work experience, Asma said, “Khatta meetha dono hi hai (it has been a mixed one). Sometimes customers don’t cooperate. I don’t feel disabled but at times people make me feel so. However, overall, I haven’t faced much problems at my work.”

On the nature of her work, she said, “Asaan toh kuch bhi nahi hota, struggle sab ki life me hoti hai (Nothing is easy in life. Each person has its own struggles). We have to make our work easy by working hard.”

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