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Zoom-Ex Instant Text Reader

The most Light Weight and Unique Solution that converts a computer into a powerful magnifier & the fastest reader for the Visually Impaired.
Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero Vision


  • Light-weight - weighs only 500 grams (0.5 kg)
  • Portable - folds into a 17-inch tube like an umbrella and fits in a small laptop bag
  • Text Reading –Reads paragraph-by-paragraph or sentence-by-sentence. Also highlights each word as it is read.
  • Create your own E-Books – Save the scanned pages as an eBook for later reading.
  • Convert Documents to Text Format – for editing or to copy-paste elsewhere
  • Magnification – Magnify the scanned text gradually up to 40 times. Read the printed pages one after another as you would read a book with large fonts. You can also view pictures and printed material in other languages including Indian languages.
  • Easy Navigation - Navigate the saved page using a mouse or keyboard. No need for an X-Y table, no head movements, no headaches! Just scroll up and down to read the whole page as no left to right panning is required. Zoom-Ex will automatically wrap the text to make the enlarged lines fit the width of the monitor screen.
  • Change the Text & Background Colour - You can select any combination of the foreground and background colours.
  • Separate Pictures from Text - With a single click or keystroke, you can separate the pictures from the text and reformat the latter for easy reading.
  • Make Large Print Books - You can print the entire magnified text and make large print books
  • Intelligent ZoomAbility - you can view a picture on a page while listening to the surrounding text being read to you
  • Organize Documents - Organize saved documents by subject, topic, date and time. Find saved documents easily using the search mechanism
  • Reading Thick Books - Zoom-Ex makes it easy to scan the book without shifting or adjusting. Simply turn the page as if you were reading. Capture all the even pages first, and then capture the odd-numbered pages. Zoom-Book software sorts the pages after capture so you'll read them in the correct order.
  • Easy to use - No learning curve. It takes Zoom-Ex only a few seconds to start reading, making it the fastest reader on the market. Read both formatted and non-formatted text.
  • ZoomOffice Software Comes with its own proprietary ZoomOffice software
  • Also Compatible with Kurzweil K1000 Scanning & Reading software

Minimum System Requirements

Computer type Windows-based PC Apple Mac Computers
Operating System Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7 OS X Version 10.5 or higher
Processor 2 GHz Pentium or equivalent AMD processor Intel Processor
Memory 1GB 1 GB
Free Space on Hard Drive 1GB 2 GB
USB Port USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Installation Drive DVD DVD

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Alternate Text: 
Instant Text Reader.
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Freedom Scientific


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