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Braille Embossers from M/s Index Braille, Sweden

Quick Overview

Basic-D V4

Basic-D is the most sold Braille embosser in the world. It's portable, easy to use and smart looking. Fan folded paper gives unbeatable stability.


  1. Tractor Fed Paper
  2. High quality Braille
  3. Double sided
  4. Portable
  5. Durable

 Everest-D V4

Everest-D is the most sold flexible embosser in the world. It handles multiple paper formats like portrait, landscape and magazine. Everest-D V4 is equipped with a very stable sheet feeder and supports the much liked 4X4 PRO newspaper format.


  1. 50 pages single sheet feeder
  2. Use local, standard paper
  3. Standard format
  4. Newspaper format. One A3 folds to two A4
  5. Double Sided

Braille Box V4

Single sheet feed high speed embosser with surprisingly low noise level. Braille Box is a masterpiece from Index Braille.


  1. High speed - 900 pages per hour

  2. Excellent Braille dot quality

  3. The sheet feeder holds up to 400 pages

  4. Very stable sheet feeding

  5. Surprisingly low noise level

  6. Newspaper format

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