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Focus Braille Display Series

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Low to Zero vision

Discover the newest technology, features and rapid navigation to the entire Windows environment with the world's most advanced series of refreshable Braille displays. Users can choose among three Focus models, the 44-, 70- and 84-cell versions depending on the workstation requirements. All three models include easy-to-remember Braille commands for Windows, JAWS for Windows and Braille settings. Used with the JAWS screen reader, the refreshable Braille cells act as a tactile monitor that allow users to navigate and read information in dynamic Braille. Sleek, portable and adjustable, Focus provides unparalleled accuracy, navigation and customisation.

In US Dollars: Focus 44 with leather carry case and adjustable keyboard/laptop accessory: 5,495.00; Focus 44 one-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA): 550.00; Focus 70 with leather carry case;
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Freedom Scientific

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